What does a.m. and p.m. stands for?

Everyday we are looking at the clock saying, oh it’s 7am! I ought to wake up and go to work, or it’s 12pm, time for lunch! But what does a.m. and p.m. really stand for?

Here is the answer: 

The 12-hour clock is a time convention in which the 24 hours of the day are divided into two periods: a.m. (from the Latin, ante meridiem, meaning before midday) and p.m. (post meridiem, meaning after midday

Flag Day

Yesterday I had a really thrilling experience, raising funds for Breast Cancer Foundation as a volunteer. 


I did not actually know what to expect when I first arrived at the train station, the place where we were going to raise funds. I partnered up with a classmate which actually gave me a lot more courage to confront people. Honestly, I did not expect much from the public. I thought that many would just walk away or ignore me if I asked for donations. However it was shocking to see so many kind souls willing to contribute back to the society. Every cent counts. There was someone who I remembered really vividly while I was doing this. He came up to me when I was having a break and gave me $10. What he said next was really cool,”Sometimes you don’t have to ask people for money,the money will come to you.” I just want to express my gratitude towards him as $10 is a huge sum of money and not many will be willing to give that much.

Of course there were rejections, which cannot be avoided. If we just stood there with a tin can, not many people will actually donate. However if we take action and approach others, they will be more willing to open up. Being confident in both our words and body language is also a huge plus, topping it off with a bright smile. Good manners is needed and we thanked every single one of them for helping out.

Ultimately after 4 hours, my tin can was filled up to the brim. We were given snacks to eat which was awesome. There are lessons that I have learnt from volunteering. Of course, different people will have different ways of thinking and will not learn the same things as I did even from the same experience.

Lets all do good and contribute back to our society, helping those in need.

Post Exams Learning

Exams are finally over. Everyone is over the moon. School is not the only place where we learn. This free time that we have can be put into great use.

These are 20 habits that you can cultivate over the holidays.

Some things to be learnt/habits to pick up

  • Investment
  • Cooking new dishes
  • Exercising daily
  • Journal and blog daily
  • Try out dancing
  • Listen to podcast/TED talks
  • Write out 10 ideas daily (works your creativity muscle)
  • Speed Reading
  • Drawing
  • Meditation
  • Learn a new language

Focus on yourself. Be deeply connected with your inner soul. What would you do if you had a million dollars? Some people will soon get too stressed up/ do not actually know how to manage finances properly. Now its the time to start knowing and not be ignorant.

Today I watched Suicide Squad. The flashbacks at first were pretty good but it got dull. You can actually learn something from this movie. Teamwork is essential. Without it, plans would fall out pretty fast. Sometimes threatening someone to get things done does not really go well. Know how to lead and motivate your team.

Word of the day: Opuscule. It means a small or minor work/a literary or musical work of small size.


To Do List

2 weeks till examinations

4 weeks till its over.

Some plans after exams are over

  • Learn investing
  • Cook up a few interesting dishes
  • Build great habits and sleep regularly(read,journal,meditate)
  • Learn how to code well
  • Exercise daily
  • Volunteering
  • Learn marketing
  • Negotiation skills
  • Humour
  • Psychology
  • Freewriting daily
  • Learning a new language/culture
  • Better self discipline
  • Taking pictures and meeting new people

http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/skills-teach-yourself-for-free#sm.00000ibvf8n4soea8qv5z1zttnxmw for more ideas

A reminder/note for my future in 5weeks time. 

School Grades

We are obsessed with it. Honestly its worse when its in Asian countries and schools. We are a paper-chasing society. Thinking that these degrees can get us a secured and high-paying job in future. I am slowly being sucked up into this idealogy. However I realised something. This is not me. I don’t want to end up like everyone else. 

Get good grades, go to a good college and get a good job. Reality is, there are many unemployed graduates who don’t know what to do later on in life. I’m still a secondary school student. There’s a wide variety of interest that I can build on like:music,health,sports,writing, filmmaking and business.

 This blog post serves as a reminder for me in future on what I really enjoy doing because one can never tell what pursuing for straight As can do to our dreams. We end up losing our childhood dreams and work hard to realise that this is not what we really want. 
Build on a skill that you are really interested in. Master it and you will start to enjoy. Failures are inevitable. This is cliché but know that you should never give up. So many times I’ve looked back at the things I tell myself and find that my actions contradict what I preach. “Working out is really good for your body”, but so many times I’ve procrastinated. 

Lets all look beyond our grades. Learn to unlearn the things you are taught. Learn not for the grades, but for the knowledge. Here’s a picture of my phone background which reminds me daily of what I should be focussed on.

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Self Doubt

In this age of world, you start doubting yourself. You lack confidence in yourself and abilities. Look at those models who have perfect bodies on Instagram. Before you post your images, you feel,”Oh, I look really bad in this picture..Maybe I should add something like:I look so ugly in here for my captions to get some self affirmations.” No please don’t do that. YOU look gorgeous in that dress you just bought an hour ago. Look around and you can see many people like that. I witness a lot of these spreading across all areas, and as for me, teenagers. We are going through the state of puberty and is in the midst of discovering ourselves. Don’t start bashing yourself for not looking like the poster girl who probably had atleast some photoshop done to achieve that perfection. Say to yourself daily when you wake up, I AM AWESOME. Self affirmations work much better. If the whole world turns against you, atleast you have yourself. I do doubt myself sometimes too. Should I post this message? Will people laugh at me if I write this comment? Am I really sure I want to post this picture? Sometimes its not because of our past experiences that we start to doubt. It is the fear of others judging that haas created this. Its really cliche to say this but really, Who cares about what everyone else thinks? Just post that selfie that has some flaws.  They make you seem human and relateable. Go try out skateboarding if you are a girl, even though people will judge you for playing a ‘boys sports’. It will not be easy to conquer this, but take it one step at a time. It will improve your life tremendously.

Comment below, have you ever doubted yourself?


Heres a video on how to DESTROY Self Doubt by Charisma on Command

Being confident is not just a natural born thing, you can nurture it if you really want to.


Robotic Society

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Humans are transforming. More schools are built than ever. We follow strict rules. Strict regulations. They are useful for maintaining order, but are ALL rules necessary?

Think wisely. Don’t just go with the flow. Question your boss, your teachers, everyone around you. Don’t let others bury that curious little child that you once were. We were all born to be unique and to be what we desire to be. Resist the peer pressure and demands from people around you, look within yourself. Are you truly happy with what you are now, your health, money, status and friendships? If you aren’t , are you going to be like the majority and complain without taking any action or be a role model for others, who actually walk the talk? We are all ranked, the best students being put to the top classes and students who underperform into another class. Is it really needed to rank teens like that or should we mix them all together, so that one does not belittle the other, or feel humiliated for not being good in studies? We are all good in some ways, be it studies, arts, sciences, dance, communicating or designing etc. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up just because of how other judge us. If you want to dance forever, do it! Stop following the crowd and start to stand out(for the right reasons.) Be unique and different. What do YOU have to offer to others?  Your life is yours to decide. You have one life, cherish it.

Comment below, what are some things you have done that goes against the majority?
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