Have you ever felt as if… the road in front of you has suddenly disappeared into the thin air? Have you ever felt as if… you are just living life meaninglessly? That was what I have been feeling. Why am I here? After I learn the existence of the billions of planets, stars and galaxies, it makes me feel small. Of course it also makes me big as I know the things that are in my body is actually the same as what makes the universe. But… what is the point of us living? Is it to experience things? To serve others? To just sleep, eat and study? Its not a simple answer. Actually… there’s no meaning to life. The only reason you were created was to mantain the human population- if you look for the reason biologically. Of course, you are also able to control your mind and body and have something known as consciousness… therefore you have the ability to make a reason to live for yourself. For me personally, I think its best to live a life that serves others and empowers others to do good to the world. I’m stuck between two career paths, first being cooking, music and film, another being an astrophysicst, inventor and scientist. Science has the ability to change the world and make it an easier pkace for people to live. Art on the other hand makes people want to live. Its a tough choice… or maybe I can choose to pursue both at the same time? Who knows.


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