Flag Day

Yesterday I had a really thrilling experience, raising funds for Breast Cancer Foundation as a volunteer. 


I did not actually know what to expect when I first arrived at the train station, the place where we were going to raise funds. I partnered up with a classmate which actually gave me a lot more courage to confront people. Honestly, I did not expect much from the public. I thought that many would just walk away or ignore me if I asked for donations. However it was shocking to see so many kind souls willing to contribute back to the society. Every cent counts. There was someone who I remembered really vividly while I was doing this. He came up to me when I was having a break and gave me $10. What he said next was really cool,”Sometimes you don’t have to ask people for money,the money will come to you.” I just want to express my gratitude towards him as $10 is a huge sum of money and not many will be willing to give that much.

Of course there were rejections, which cannot be avoided. If we just stood there with a tin can, not many people will actually donate. However if we take action and approach others, they will be more willing to open up. Being confident in both our words and body language is also a huge plus, topping it off with a bright smile. Good manners is needed and we thanked every single one of them for helping out.

Ultimately after 4 hours, my tin can was filled up to the brim. We were given snacks to eat which was awesome. There are lessons that I have learnt from volunteering. Of course, different people will have different ways of thinking and will not learn the same things as I did even from the same experience.

Lets all do good and contribute back to our society, helping those in need.


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