Post Exams Learning

Exams are finally over. Everyone is over the moon. School is not the only place where we learn. This free time that we have can be put into great use.

These are 20 habits that you can cultivate over the holidays.

Some things to be learnt/habits to pick up

  • Investment
  • Cooking new dishes
  • Exercising daily
  • Journal and blog daily
  • Try out dancing
  • Listen to podcast/TED talks
  • Write out 10 ideas daily (works your creativity muscle)
  • Speed Reading
  • Drawing
  • Meditation
  • Learn a new language

Focus on yourself. Be deeply connected with your inner soul. What would you do if you had a million dollars? Some people will soon get too stressed up/ do not actually know how to manage finances properly. Now its the time to start knowing and not be ignorant.

Today I watched Suicide Squad. The flashbacks at first were pretty good but it got dull. You can actually learn something from this movie. Teamwork is essential. Without it, plans would fall out pretty fast. Sometimes threatening someone to get things done does not really go well. Know how to lead and motivate your team.

Word of the day: Opuscule. It means a small or minor work/a literary or musical work of small size.



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