School Grades

We are obsessed with it. Honestly its worse when its in Asian countries and schools. We are a paper-chasing society. Thinking that these degrees can get us a secured and high-paying job in future. I am slowly being sucked up into this idealogy. However I realised something. This is not me. I don’t want to end up like everyone else. 

Get good grades, go to a good college and get a good job. Reality is, there are many unemployed graduates who don’t know what to do later on in life. I’m still a secondary school student. There’s a wide variety of interest that I can build on like:music,health,sports,writing, filmmaking and business.

 This blog post serves as a reminder for me in future on what I really enjoy doing because one can never tell what pursuing for straight As can do to our dreams. We end up losing our childhood dreams and work hard to realise that this is not what we really want. 
Build on a skill that you are really interested in. Master it and you will start to enjoy. Failures are inevitable. This is cliché but know that you should never give up. So many times I’ve looked back at the things I tell myself and find that my actions contradict what I preach. “Working out is really good for your body”, but so many times I’ve procrastinated. 

Lets all look beyond our grades. Learn to unlearn the things you are taught. Learn not for the grades, but for the knowledge. Here’s a picture of my phone background which reminds me daily of what I should be focussed on.

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