Self Doubt

In this age of world, you start doubting yourself. You lack confidence in yourself and abilities. Look at those models who have perfect bodies on Instagram. Before you post your images, you feel,”Oh, I look really bad in this picture..Maybe I should add something like:I look so ugly in here for my captions to get some self affirmations.” No please don’t do that. YOU look gorgeous in that dress you just bought an hour ago. Look around and you can see many people like that. I witness a lot of these spreading across all areas, and as for me, teenagers. We are going through the state of puberty and is in the midst of discovering ourselves. Don’t start bashing yourself for not looking like the poster girl who probably had atleast some photoshop done to achieve that perfection. Say to yourself daily when you wake up, I AM AWESOME. Self affirmations work much better. If the whole world turns against you, atleast you have yourself. I do doubt myself sometimes too. Should I post this message? Will people laugh at me if I write this comment? Am I really sure I want to post this picture? Sometimes its not because of our past experiences that we start to doubt. It is the fear of others judging that haas created this. Its really cliche to say this but really, Who cares about what everyone else thinks? Just post that selfie that has some flaws.  They make you seem human and relateable. Go try out skateboarding if you are a girl, even though people will judge you for playing a ‘boys sports’. It will not be easy to conquer this, but take it one step at a time. It will improve your life tremendously.

Comment below, have you ever doubted yourself?


Heres a video on how to DESTROY Self Doubt by Charisma on Command

Being confident is not just a natural born thing, you can nurture it if you really want to.



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